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Welcome to stories and cartoons!  Click on any of these promising titles and be rewarded with awesome stories.  To come back, just click on “Stories and Cartoons” in the blue ribbon at the top of the page.


Stories that require reading:

Curse of the Magi:   This is the long-awaited sequel to O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi.

Chapter 9:   In Which The King Bee’s Secret Comes Out   A while ago I thought I might write a whole book comprised of chapters from books that never existed.  This, then, is chapter 9 from a kids’ book called “Gertie”  by Lois Hostetler.


Drawn stories:

The Mr. Hubert Story

Ellen’s Story

The Man With The Red Face

Aunt Rose’s Affair

Old Gus

The Stamp Collection

The Time Chair

My Grandma’s Gift

A True Story

A Sci Fi Story!

A Story The Government Is Trying To Cover Up


 Animated Cartoons:

Redux Riding Hood


This was directed by the amazing Steve Moore.  It’s around 13 minutes long.  Clicking on the title or the graphic will take you to Steve’s website, where he tells you all about how this film came to be.  While I don’t remember hating Mia Farrow (and after all this time I’m so used to her I can’t imagine anyone else doing it) I will trust Steve’s memory of this.  I do recall I wasn’t enamored of the music, but Steve held firm and now, of course, I love it.


The Fan and the Flower

This one’s from a few years back.  I wrote it and drew some pictures for it, intending it to be a book.
(To see some of the original drawings, click  here.)
Then I met Bill Plympton and it felt like he should animate it, which he did beautifully.  So many nice touches, including getting the music for it.  That’s Paul Giamatti doing the narration.   I had tried to get in touch with David Sedaris, but his wrangler said “David would never do this.”   Then Bill met Paul at the Oscars and before we knew it, Paul was recording his part in New York.  The whole thing took about 20 minutes.  (click the title or the image to view.)




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