Cleveland Videos

Here are a few of the videos I’ve collected over the years.  If you’re into this sort of thing, there are dozens more on youtube, uploaded by Videoholic, TLones 2005, and others — you can find a ton of Hoolihan, Big Chuck, Superhost, and tons of footage from early Cleveland TV.


WGAR, WJW Promos


Lawson’s Big O


Uncle Bill’s


Ed Stinn Chevrolet


Cotton Club Ginger Ale


Sears Optical


Franz the Toymaker


The Cleveland Comedy Company Promos pt 1

Liz Richards, Jeff and Flash, John Lanigan, Jay Lawrence, and Charlie C. Miller doing promos for their appearances on the Cleveland Comedy Company


The Cleveland Comedy Company Promos pt 2


Kenny King’s


Captain Penny Noon Show, 1963 – audio–96RVETM












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