Cleveland Memory Grenade 2

Cleveland Memory Grenade continued…


Cedar Point

“All The Places That You Want To Go”

Cedar Point (All The Places That You Want To Go)

“Being There With You”

Cedar Point (Being There With You)


Geauga Lake

“Right, Children?”

Geauga Lake (Right, Children_)

“You’ve Never Had Fun Like This”

Geauga Lake (You’ve Never Had Fun Like This)


Thistledown Race Track




Thistledown 75



Cotton Club:

“Get Together With”

Cotton Club (Get Together With)

“Big Ginger”

Cotton Club (Big Ginger)

“Sugar Free”

Cotton Club (Sugar Free Cotton Club)

“Think Big”

Cotton Club (Think Big)

“Me And A Gal And A Cotton Club”

Cotton Club (Me And My Gal And A Cotton Club)

“Come On Over”

Cotton Club (Come On Over

“Big Ginger Taste”

Cotton Club (Big Ginger Taste)



Red Barn Restaurant

37 Red Barn Restaurant


Jim Swingo’s

38 Swingo’s


York Steak House

York Steak House


Kenny King’s

Kenny King’s



Savings Associations


Savings Associations


Savings Associations 2


Savings Associations 75


Society Bank

Society National Bank


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