Cleveland Stuff

First, some big news from Cleveland…

For over a decade now, I’ve collected old Cleveland radio and TV recordings.

While amassing and logging these recordings (“airchecks” for the uninitiated), I began to compile a side collection of radio and tv spots, ID’s jingles, that sort of thing.  I called it “The Cleveland Memory Grenade” and started giving it to friends.  Now you can find it for sale in Tower City at the Only Cleveland Store, or you can order it from this site:


A dollar from each sale goes to Jimmy Malone’s College Now Scholarship Fund.

Or you can do a lot of clicking and listen to these spots right here.  I’ve got a few things on this site that aren’t on the CD.  Enjoy.

You can also link to my aircheck list for sale or trade.  The stations are in alphabetical order…



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